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Do I have to pick the engagement ring out by myself?

engagement ringSome guys just go into a store and pick out a ring they think their lady wants without any input from her. These guys are either clueless or have super human abilities and can read their woman's mind. For the rest of us mere mortals we have to rely on some form of communication from her.

This communication from her can be direct like "I love that ring right there in the magazine. It is so beautiful!" or it can come in subtle pieces of information like "don’t you think platinum goes better with me than yellow gold". She may even give you clues via a close friend or family member in the form of a trip to the jewelry store where the friend says "I have a really good hunch she will like that ring right there. I think she is a size 6 too."

Pay attention and take advantage of opportunities to learn what she wants. If she starts gravitating to a jewelry store while you are in the mall then let her go and follow her. Stop worrying about all the many things guys have to worry about in jewelry stores. Realize that your only mission during the jewelry store visit is to learn more about what she likes. Don't waste your opportunity in the jewelry store worrying about how you will propose, what you can afford, what you should buy, etc. Just pay attention to what she likes and try to learn from her.

Regardless of your methods of understanding what she wants, the end goal is for you to be able to confidently purchase an engagement ring you know she will love.

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