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Should I discuss financial details before getting engaged?

moneyIt is strongly recommended by most of the experts that you discuss finances in detail with your fiancée before getting married. Some of the experts I read about actually recommended discussing financial details before getting engaged.

My personal opinion is that a couple should have a good idea of what they are getting into before the question is popped. For example, I would want to know if the person I was about to propose to had a 5 digit credit card debt while paying only the minimums on 8 credit cards with an average interest rate of 12.99%. Similarly, before saying yes to my proposal, I would imagine my potential fiancée would want to know if I had a $30,000 student loan with no retirement savings while I drove an expensive leased car when I took her out to fancy restaurants.

Basically I feel a couple needs to have a fairly good understanding of their financial compatibility before getting engaged. If you don't discuss finances in detail before getting engaged then be sure to discuss the details before getting married. As always be honest. Don't deflate your debt and exaggerate your earnings.

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