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Why is the diamond engagement ring important?

diamond ringThe diamond is not just a gemstone made of carbon, the abundant twelfth element in periodic table. No, for various reasons beyond the scope of this article, the diamond engagement ring has evolved in less than 100 or so years to represent many deeply important things.

  • The magnitude and purity of your love
  • The emotional investment you want to make in your relationship
  • The rare and precious beauty of your bride to be
  • The eternal bond you want to form
  • Your worth and ability to provide as a husband
Even if you don't subscribe to these relatively recent developments regarding the symbolism of diamond engagement rings, I am pretty sure your potential fiancée and a large portion, if not the majority, of your potential fiancée's family and friends do subscribe to one or more of these symbolic representations.

Today diamond engagement rings are kind of the expected norm. I am not sure the exact percentage of brides that get diamond engagement rings but I have read on various websites that is it around 80%. However, it is interesting to point out that this extremely strong association of diamonds with engagement rings is a relatively recent phenomenon. According to the engagement ring article on Wikipedia, the engagement rings historically dates back to Pope Innocent III in 1215 whereas the strong association to diamonds started in the middle of the 20th century.

Regardless, you will probably present the engagement ring to your potential fiancée when you propose and hence the engagement ring you present will take on deep personal significance for both you and your fiancée. This significance is independent of the metal, stone, or cost of the ring. Your engagement ring will carry profound sentiment that can last your lifetime and beyond.

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