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How should I ask her father for permission?

How to ask permissionNote: You may want to first read the FAQ: Should I ask her father for permission?

Try to arrange a personal meeting with her father. Perhaps plan to do something that both you and her dad enjoy like fixing your potential fiancée's car or going fishing. Taking her father out for a steak dinner is also a nice option. If a personal meeting is clearly impractical for you or her father then the phone is a natural and acceptable option in most cases.

Think about the reasons why you are asking your girlfriend's father permission to marry his daughter and use these reasons as guides to help you decide how to ask. For example, if the primary reason you are asking her father for permission is because your girlfriend and her family like tradition then you should probably choose a formal setting where you can showcase your gentlemanly side. Similarly, if the primary reason you are asking for permission is because you want to develop your relationship with your future in-laws then you probably want to ask for her father's permission as part of something you and her father might do together many times in the future like playing golf or going to a ball game

Asking for permission is a time to naturally exude your good intentions, confidence in yourself, confidence in your potential fiancée, and confidence in your relationship. Your girlfriend's father wants to feel good about the man marrying his daughter.

There really isn't any pressure because even if her father says no you are probably still going to ask the woman of your dreams to marry you. However, having her family on board and behind your marriage 100% is a highly desirable aspect of a long, happy, and healthy marriage.

In summary, try to find a setting where you both feel comfortable, think about the reasons why you want to ask his permission, and think a bit about things from his perspective.

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